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Seeker Professional Aesthetics always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 19 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Seeker Professional Aesthetics below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Olga Alyona C.
Submitted 09/11/20
I had MonaLisa Laser treatment with Casey and would like to thank her for the treatment and great friendly service. Thank you for being there and the ability to treat sach problems!!!
Ali K.
Submitted 05/12/20
Christine is friendly, warm, and welcoming. She made me feel comfortable from booking to when I walked through the door. Christine took the time to explain the IPL photofacial procedure. I have now had two treatments, and my skin looks fantastic. Christine genuinely cares as much about her clients' well-being and comfort as about providing high-quality results.
Sara H.
Submitted 05/09/20
Christine is amazing! Her knowledge and professionalism are spot on, which makes all the difference.
Miranda T.
Submitted 03/26/19
I was contemplating about getting lip fillers for awhile. When I found out Casey did them I set up a consultation with her so she could go over the process. I wanted to have fuller lips without the duck after effect. Casey was so thorough and sweet when explaining what she would be doing to my lips. She didn't make me feel pressured to go over the top. The procedure took about 30-45 mins and she followed up with me the next day and a few days after to make sure I was satisfied with my results. She made my lips look more outlined, full and most of all natural. If you're looking for someone who is honest and not pushy and willing to go the extra mile to make you feel satisfied with your service I highly recommend seeing Casey! I will definitely be seeing her again for future procedures!
Kathryn M.
Submitted 03/26/19
Casey is AWESOME! She made me feel so comfortable throughout the process of my procedure. If you are seeking spa services I recommend you coming to Christine and Casey!
Leslie M.
Submitted 03/26/19
Christine is the sweetest thing! I went in wanting to clear my face up what I thought were problems area she laughed at me and told me no. She talked with me and told me what to work on and what thing I should be using on my face and what things I shouldn't be using. She is always so sweet and wanting to listen to you about anything. I tell everyone about this place. <3
Kelsey D.
Submitted 03/26/19
Love the SPA! I have had many procedures done here, including laser hair removal, chemical peels, and the Emscuplt therapy. Casey and Christine are so sweet and walk you through every step of the procedure. Plus, you feel safe being in a doctor's office.
Diana G.
Submitted 03/26/19
I have been coming to Seeker Spa to treat my spider veins. Casey has been wonderful, providing effective Sclerotherapy in a kind and caring manner. I am extremely happy with the outcome and highly recommend Casey and Seeker Spa.
Angila C.
Submitted 03/26/19
I have had amazing results with the Sculpture. I lost at least an inch off of my mid-section within 5 days after the procedure. I work out and eat healthy, but being over 45 has kept me from being as lean as I once could get. I just wanted to get rid of my muffin top without having to starve myself ; HALLELUJAH Sculpture worked!!!! I highly recommend it. Christine the tech who administered the procedure was terrific. She explained the procedure in detail, made sure I knew that the outcome is different for each individual, noting that it may take more than one time to see the results that you want, but she ensured me I'd see a difference regardless, and I did! Thanks Seeker Spa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joy M.
Submitted 03/26/19
Casey Friesenhahn is a awesome person to work with, she knows her stuff and I will definitely recommend Seeker Spa to anyone.
Amy P.
Submitted 03/26/19
I recently received the Three for Me treatment from Christine at Seeker SPA. She did an excellent job! She was so professional and explained the process step by step. If you are looking for high quality service, check out Seeker SPA. Both Christine and Casey are always so helpful and knowledgeable!
Nancy J.
Submitted 03/12/19
I highly recommend Casey and Seeker Spa. She is knowledgeable, detailed, and takes the time to determine what best suits your needs. It took me 5 years to find someone I really trusted after a bad experience elsewhere. Casey was the one to earn my trust and do a great job! Thank you Casey!
Donna D.
Submitted 02/19/19
I honestly do not know what I would do without the help of Chris Seeker, MD and Casey Friesenhahn, NP since my diagnosis of Stage 1 Breast Cancer this past year. I was 58 at the time of my unfortuante diagnosis, had already gone through menopause, and was feeling great on HRT - and had never experienced sexual dysfunction in the past. However, since the cancer was estrogen positive, I had to immediately discontinue all hormone replacement which through my body into a frenzy! The atrophy and vaginal dryness was so very painful with intercourse - and at a time in my life when I needed my husband's love and support more than ever - being intimate became intolerable. I went to Dr. Seeker/Casey for the Mona Lisa Touch treatments, which have completely restored my vaginal lining and renewed intimacy for me and my husband. Having breast cancer is bad enough, and you certainly do not have to struggle with other challenges it may cause, such as the severe vaginal dryness! Dr. Seeker and Casey are THE BEST! They are super knowledgable, professional, respectful, friendly and personable, courteous and offer support beyond the scope of their daily practice. I have felt thier genuine care and compassion from Day 1 of walking into their office, and I highly recommend their services.
Tanya I.
Submitted 11/07/18
I was having a lot of irritation after shaving in my bikini area so Casey started laser hair removal treatments. Casey did a great job and also made me feel as comfortable as possible during the treatments. Now I'm onto getting laser hair removal for my underarms. I am hoping to get chemical peels in the future as well. I love the staff at Seeker Spa! They really do treat you like lifetime friends.
Melissa E.
Submitted 10/05/18
I am 40 years old , and wanted to try Botox for the first time . I was nervous because I didn’t want a dramatic, unnatural look. I booked my appointment with Casey Friesenhahn , Dr. Seeker’s Nurse Practitioner last week. I can not express how amazing she was. The fine lines on my forehead have completely diminished. I am beyond thrilled! I HIGHLY recommend Casey, and plan on booking with her again.
Jeanie G.
Submitted 06/01/18
In my late 30's and early 40's I started having the dreaded dark spots come up on my face (most likely due to sun exposure my whole life mixed in with changing hormones). I had done IPL and peels, which helped temporarily, but the spots always came back. Already a patient of Casey, we discussed treatment and did three sessions of laser/ IPL. It worked! I feel like Casey spent alot of time talking with me about the problem and monitoring the improvement so the treatment was tailored to my needs more than I had ever experienced. I also feel more comfortable getting treatments like these (and botox) in my Drs. office. I know they're well trained and qualified. I must say I love the timeliness and professionalism I feel when I go in. I have even become loyal to some of the products but not through pushy sales tactics (which I appreciate!); I'm loyal because they are really great!
Brenda S.
Submitted 02/12/18
My name is Brenda and I’m 62 years old. I had laser treatment on my spider veins with Casey at Seeker spa and I am so happy with it! I had not worn shorts in over 20 years because I was embarrassed about my spider veins and now I wear shorts every day in warm weather! I even get teased about always wearing shorts and my husband says- there’s those pretty legs that have been hidden for so long. Thanks Casey!
Susan E.
Submitted 02/08/18
After being diagnosed with breast cancer at 44, my chemotherapy treatments sent me into menopause. I was unprepared and honestly, quite devastated to discover the sexual health issues that came along with menopause. Vaginal atrophy and dryness promptly ruined my sex life, making intercourse painful and thoroughly unenjoyable, and I was desperate to figure out a way to address these issues (cancer had already taken so much from me, and I couldn’t bear the thought of allowing it to rob me of the enjoyment of intimacy). A component of my breast cancer treatment is hormone therapy; specifically, since my cancer was estrogen sensitive, I now take an estrogen suppressing medication to starve any remaining cancer cells of the fuel they require. Because of this, I had to find a hormone-free method of addressing my post-menopausal vaginal issues. I was thrilled and relieved when a fellow breast cancer survivor told me about Mona Lisa Touch treatments and how well they had worked for her. Shortly after learning about the treatment, I discovered that it’s offered by Seeker Spa (I was already a patient of Dr. Seeker). I have now had two of the three initial treatments, and I am absolutely thrilled with the improvement that I’ve experienced. The difference has been amazing and I have been so relieved to discover that breast cancer and menopause didn’t ruin my intimate relationship with my husband. Mona Lisa Touch treatments have literally been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my sexual health and wellbeing. It is well worth the cost for any woman struggling with these vaginal health issues, and Dr. Seeker and Casey at Seeker Spa are the best at providing the treatment compassionately and effectively.
Leslie K.
Submitted 02/06/18
I went in for a consult with Christine for a new skin regimen. We decided that (what I considered to be) my "problem areas" would best be treated with a series of chemical peels. I asked a million questions and Christine was not only very knowledgeable but very patient. She explained to me how it would feel, what I could expect in the days to come, and what the end result would be. I am now on the fifth treatment in a series of six and I am already so thrilled with my results!